Music by DJ Joge

I have collected here all the songs that have been released in some production or in a party. And yes, you are correct: There is a pause for one decade in composing, I did not make a single tune between 1996-2005. Nearly every single older tune is a 4 channel Amiga ProTracker module, also several of the new ones are still Protracker modules but some a 'bit' more modern Renoise tunes are also there now.
Even some more tunes can be downloaded/listened from BitJam, AMP or from Soundcloud page.
Some photos here.

2019: 2018: 2017: 2016: 2015: 2014: 2013: 2012: 2011: 2010: 2009: 2008: 2007: 2006: 2005: Older tunes, composed during 1990-1996, used now and then :) : And some more funny things: Seems like a few of my crappy tunes were released in couple of early parties. On that Anarchy easter party I did not even personally participate and I have no clue which song even was delivered there. The Byterapers/Scoopex/Bloodsuckers Gathering '91 was my first ever party, I went there with Sulky Fellow (Deathstar/Vertigo/Omega/etc). And lollerz, the composer name there has been stated as "Joplin". Also at the Assembly '92 I had a tune in the music competition but that did not manage to get at least into top 3 (which are displayed in the order).
29-31.03  Anarchy Easter Party 91.
Held at Oppeby-Skolan in Nykoping (Motala), Sweden by Anarchy for the amiga scene.

music   1.  Captain/Image "Space Debris".
        2.  Deejay/Hypnosis.
        3.  Tip and Firefox/Phenomena "Musiklinjen".
        4.  ???/Razor 1911.
        xx. Bruno/Anarchy.
        xx. DJ Joge/Chrome.
        xx. Dolphin/Noxious (possible).
        xx. Dr.Gassu (uncertain).
        xx. Fajser/Reflectors "Bbajsmusikk2".
        xx. Florist/Wizzcat (possible).
        xx. Galaxy/Elysion.
        xx. Omega/Rebels "Labyrinth".

25-28.07  Byterapers - Scoopex - Bloodsuckers Gathering 91.
Held in Parikkala, Finland.

music   1.  Captain/Image "Beyond Music".
        2.  Bruno/SCUP "Russian Scup-Herne".
        3.  Mac/Extreme "New Graze".
        4.  Mr. Spaghetto/Overflow "Soap Cooker".
        5.  Joplin/Chrome "Jungledance".
        6.  Dean & Prime Premium/Complex "Shitting Around".
        7.  Uncle Tom/Scoopex "Planet Fall Boom".
        8.  Griffin "Jesus And His Clock".
        9.  Swantti/Midnightsun "Daylight All Night".
        10. Randor/Byterapers "Lonely Pain In My..".
        11. Griffon/Frantic "Freefallin".
        12. Trasman/Accession "Jessus".
        13. Jol005x/Fantasy Force "Kisahuikka".
        14. Börje Svenssnon/SCUP "Joikhu".
        15. Stargazer/TSB "Laatikkojuhlat".
        16. Speed-Head/Byterapers "Rinkebyniggers".
        17. Miami Gay "Death Of Jaska".
        18. Focus & Tracotr/Coral "Nopea".
        xx. Zardax/Elysion "Celebration Staion" (not played).

24-26.07  Rebels - Complex The Assembly 92.
Held in Kauniainen, Finland.

music   1.  Misty and Daeron/Shining "Iridium".
        2.  Groo/Black Robes "Towards Immortality".
        3.  Stargazer/Sonic "Rubicon".
            Megaman/Equinox "Walking Lonely".
            Nutcase/Deadline "Lady".
            Omar/Sonic "Insomnia".
            Strobo/Stellar "Back To Music 2".
            Strobo/Stellar "New Wave".
            Jellybean/Reflect "Phantasy".
            Groo/Black Robes "Harakiri".
            DJ Joge/Chrome "The Magic Touch" (05:38, 391kb, 1992)
            Deetsay/Grace  "Soulman Sielumies".